Lens Centering/Beveling

Bell Clamp Lens Centering Machine
Model CM 2.0

These machines are widely used for blemish free centering/beveling of lens elements.[ Product Picture: CM2.0, Shown with Optional MS-2A Video System ]

All controls are placed for easy set-up and production maintenance. The cast steel frame is precisely machined and the highest quality ball bearings are used. The spindles have an 8 mm hole through their entire length for special vacuum or sighting applications. A unique tension clamping device for securing the lens during grinding reduces run out errors.

All models are fitted with a machined locating surface to which a specially designed tool cross slide is easily attached. This means that the lens bells are trued right on the centering machine thus eliminating errors introduced by truing on other spindles or surrogate equipment.

All machines are equipped with a variable speed drive which is vibration free and requires a minimum amount of maintenance. The wide speed ranges available can be used for fine machining and burnishing the bells as well as controlling the grinding cycle time.

All machines are provided with a self contained coolant tank and pump, vacuum tank and pump, tool cross-slide, and auxiliary bevel device.

[ Product Picture: Tool Cross Slide in place for trueing bells on the machine spindles ]Now you can easily monitor production centering accuracy of your Bell Clamp Centering Machine during the centering process. Nicks, burrs and scrapes to the bell chucks can cause decentering errors in chucking, which can easily be detected by the MS-2A Video System. Extremely flat curves can be easily and precisely located on center axis before clamping and grinding of the outside diameter. A clear Cross-line image is displayed on the TV Monitor and can be bracketed within tolerance limits of your choice, selected by the adjustable reticle generator.

Optional Equipment:

  • MS-2A Video System
  • Lens Bells
  • Telescope and stand
  • Mechanical Indicator swing stand
  • MS-2 Centering Transit
  • Diamond Wheel


  • Lens work capacity: 5~90ø
  • Lens spindle feed (oscillation): 0~9mm
  • Diamond wheel feed: 0~l0mm
  • Lens processing cycle time: 14~120sec
  • Diamond wheel: 150mm ø
  • Grinding spindle speed: 4100rpm
  • Grinding spindle motor: ½ Hp, 4P, 220V, 3Ph
  • Speed reduction motor: ¼ Hp, 4P, 220V, 3Ph
  • Pump motor: 1/8 Hp, 2P, 220V, 3Ph
  • Overall dimension: 700x700xl400(mm)
  • Shipping weight: 400kg

The YOSHIKAWA Vertical Rotary Surface Grinders are available in a wide range of work capacities and equipped with a wide variety of features to suit the user’s flat grinding requirements. Infinitely variable and stepless infeeds are common to all of these machines and result in superior finishes on glass or crystalline materials.

We’ve created a Product Matrix that provides specifications for all of our surface grinding products. For more detailed information on a particular product, please feel free to contact us!