Lens Cementing

OptiCentric-Bonding Station

The Automatic Cementing and Bonding Station is an important addition to the OptiCentric system, which extends its capabilites into the production process of optical components and systems. The OptiCentric-Bonding Station includes all the devices necessary for accurate and automated work: cement dispensers, stepper motor positioning unit for dispenser needle, UV-curing lamp, rotary position sensing device, multi-task PC-processing card and a main controller unit.

The Automatic Cementing and Bonding Station can be attached to any OptiCentric instrument for centration error measurement. It results a complex measurement and production station used for alignment, bonding and curing is completely automated. In the Test Mode each function and device can be individually adjusted and optimized. After this, the process parameters are stored in a set up file and used for the subsequent production process.

Code Type Description
4-500-01 OptiCentric Bonding Station Automated Station, bonding joint over 360°, segmented or customized. It includes: cement dispenser, stepper motor positioning, adjustment stage, UV-curing lamp 300 W, rotary position sensing device, multi-task PC-processing card, main controller unit, starter kit and software package.


Extending the Measurement Capabilities


The measurement capabilities of the TRIOPTICS lens centering and mounting equipment can be easily extended to accomplish other measurement tasks. Some examples:

measurment of plano optical components as wedges, plan-parallel plates 90°-prisms. This requires an additional software module only since the necessary instrument parts are already included in the centering and mounting equipment.

measurement of focal length, radius of curvature and resolution of spherical optics. This can be achieved by adding some length measuring items and additional optical assemblies.