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Mildex is pleased to offer the full line of optical test equipment from TRIOPTICS GMBH. Whatever your application, we have instruments to meet your measurement requirements and your budget. These instruments include:

PC Controlled Lens Benches -- OPTISPHERIC

OPTISPHERIC is the first fully automatic optical test instrument featuring rapid and ultra-accurate characterization of a wide variety of optical components and lens systems.

These instruments feature measurements that are controlled and evaluated by PC, offering consistent accuracy, repeatability and ease of measurement.


OPTCENTRIC is a PC-based Optical Test Station that can accurately measure angular displacements, centration errors and other parameters of optical components and systems. To achieve this, the system incorporates visual auto-collimators and CCD-Cameras connected to PC-frame grabbers.

Comparison GONIOMETER is a precision angle measurement instrument primarily used to measure prisms and other piano optical components in production environment. This instrument usually needs a reference prism with a known angle. The first reference measurement is done using the master prism. Further measurements are made relatively to the angle of the master prism. The results are given as difference to the master prism or as absolute value of the measured angle. 90-prism angles can be measured absolutely without the need of a master prism.

PRISMMASTER is the first really automatic goniometer featuring accurate measuremets of prisms angles from 0 to360 either in reflection or in transmission. It incorporates an ultra-accurate rotary air bearing and a high precision rotary encoder whose cumulative error is within 0,2 arcsec or 0.5 arcsec.

Modular Auto-collimator -- OPTITEST Optical Test Instruments

OPTITEST is a comprehensive line of equipment including the basic optical instruments and additional mechanical hardware to cover all conceivable testing set-ups required by fast changing applications. The components of OPTITEST are designed as a modular system, and include:

  • Collimators
  • Telescopes
  • Auto-collimators
  • Achromats
  • Mechanical hardware for positioning the basic optical instruments


Users world-wide have chosen TRIOPTICS spherometers as the industry standard. All of the TRIOPTICS spherometers feature Calibrated precision rings, directly traceable to NIST. Certificates are provided for each ring. Windows based software makes data management efficient and simple to perform. Measuring certificates can be printed, stored to file, or integrated into other Quality Assurance Systems.

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