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Ultra-Spherotronic - Automatic spherometer for ultra-accurate radius measurement

Ultra-Spherotronic has been developed in response to increased accuracy requirements in measurement of radii of curvature of optical components. The new spherometer integrates a special linear encoder featuring the highest measurement accuracy available world-wide. Encoder Resolution: 0.01/0.05/0.10 µm

Super-Spherotronic -- Ultra-Accurate Automatic Spherometer

Super-Spherotronic is an automatic three ball contacting spherometer designed to meet the highest test plate calibration requirements. Being the most accurate instrument of our line of spherometers, Super-Spherotronic can measure the radius of curvature to an accuracy of 0.01%.

Spherocompact -- Hand-Held Compact Digital Spherometer

Spherocompact is an extraordinarily accurate and easy to use instrument which is designed for sagittal measurement of both concave and convex surfaces.

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