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A Complete Range of
Optical Test Instruments

OPTITESTOptical testing usually requires a wide range of set-ups (configurations) specific to the application or the parameters to be measured.

The large variety of the set-ups is, however, a combination of basic optical instruments known as:

  • collimators
  • telescopes
  • autocollimators
  • achromats
  • mechanical hardware for positioning of the basic optical instruments

OPTITEST is a comprehensive line of equipment including the largest range of basic optical instruments and additional mechanical hardware. To cover all conceivable testing set- ups (system configuration) required by fast changing applications, the components of the OPTITEST line are design as a modular system. OPTITEST components are interchangeable and compatible with each other.

This modular approach and the extensive range of instruments belonging to OPTITEST result in significant advantages for the user:

  • unlimited flexibility (possibilities) to set up systems to cover present and future applications
  • a cost effective solution since the basic components are identical in any configuration
  • user freedom to set up the required equipment by himself since everything is already factory adjusted

More information on our OPTITEST line is available:

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