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Components and Accessories

Positioning Equipment

The OPTITEST line offers a wide range of accessories to solve positioning and alignment problems. In addition to the standard positioning equipment presented below, TRIOPTICS is supplying special holders and stands made according to specific customers requirements.

Clamp Fixtures

The clamp fixtures are mounted on a base plate with 4 fixing screws and 4 pressure screws. The pressure screws prevent a loosening of the fixing screws and allow a certain levelling within a small range.

[ Diagram ]

3-300-001 38 40 100 100 75 75
3-300-002 57 50 175 120 150 100
3-300-003 115 100 75 200 50 175

[ Clamp Holders ]

Two Axis Adjustable Holder

This unit provide two axis fine adjustments for azimuth and elevation. It also incorporates clamping screws to securely hold the autocollimator.

[ Adjustable Holder ]

Adjustment range Sensitivity
3-300-005 38 1 ‹ 10 sec
3-300-006 57 2 ‹ 1 sec
3-300-007 115 1.5

Autocollimator Stand

Coarse Travel Stand (Type A)


The Autocollimator Stand A is a simple stand featuring a precision rack and pinion slide mechanism for height adjustment of the autocollimator. The Stand A is equiped with a clamp fixture D 38 mm.

Further provisions are made for mounting of a tilt table D 100 mm. Alternatively a rotary table D 100 mm or a combination of tilt and rotary table can be mounted on the Stand A.


The Stand A is designated for angle measurements of plano optics as wedges, windows, prisms, etc.

Fine Travel Stand (Type B)


The Stand B has two travel mechanisms: a coarse travel and a coaxial ultra-fine focusing mechanism. The ultra-fine mechanism is especially useful in applications where a smooth, precise motion of optical instruments or subsystems are required. The bottom body of the stand contains a clamp fixture for a collimator D 38 mm and an adjustable mirror for beam deviation. A second clamp fixture D 38 mm attached to the travel mechanisms is used to hold autocollimators and telescopes.

Further accessories can be attached to the Stand B:

  • tilt table
  • rotary table
  • precision self-centering rotary holder for centration measurements


The Stand B is ideal for measurements in transmission (centration errors) or reflection (radius, centration, etc) of spherical optics. Angle measurements of plano optics are also possible of course.

Fine Travel Stand (Type C)


The Stand C is similar with Stand B, however, two transversal translation stages with micrometer are supplimentary provided. One of this stage allows to transversally move the clamp fixture with the optical instruments (mostly autocollimators or telescopes). The second stage is used to translate a reticle (mm scale) mount for measurement purposes.


The Stand C is ideal for measurements in transmission (centration errors) or reflection (radius, centration, etc) of spherical optics. The two additional micrometer stages are used for focal length measurements.

View Diagram

Travel coarse/fine range T
Distance to optical axis D
Approx. Weight
Stand A.
Coarse travel only.
Sensitivity: 50m
3-300-030 465 225/- 80 225x115 6.5
Stand B.
Coarse travel only.
Sensitivity: 50m
3-300-032 600 280/280 112.5 227x178 12
Stand C.
Coarse and fine travel. Sensitivity: 1m.
Transversal Stages: 10mm Resolution: 0.005m
3-300-034 13.5

Tilt and Rotation Tables

[ Tilt and Rotation Table ]

Tilt Table D=100 mm

Three fine adjustments screws allow the tilt along two axes. Two threaded holes M4 are provided for attaching further accessories. The tilt table designed for measurements in transmission have a central hole D=15mm.

Rotation Table D=100 mm

The rotation table features complete 360 rotation. After clamping the table in the selected position, a tangential micrometer enables a fine rotation adjustment.

Tilt and Rotation Table D=100 mm

The tilt and rotation tables are modular and can be mounted together with the tilt table either on top or at bottom.

range coarse/fine
Sensitivity Load Capacity
Approx. Weight
Tilt Table D 100 3-300-010 2 - 5sec 8 1.6
Tilt Table D 100/d15 3-300-011 1.5
Rotation Table D 100 3-300-014 - 360/2.5 10sec 10 1.8
Tilt and Rotation Table D 100 3-300-016 2 5/10sec 8 3.4

Self-Centering Holders

Trioptics Self-Centering Lens Mounts reliably center and hold optics and cylindrical objects. The centering accuracy is far above the commercially available self-centering mounts. To ensure the precise axial position of lens cells and mounts, the three support rods have an accurately ground step. This secure not only a repeatable radial centration but an exact axial positioning as well.

TYPE CODE Dia. range
SCH 75 3-300-018 5-75 0.05 3xM4CLRon Dia. 110mm
SCH 35 3-300-019 3-35 0.03 M57.5x0.75

Ultra-Precision Rotary Holders

Rotary Holders

The Self-Centering Rotary Holders are designed for best possible centration and rotation accuracy required in measurement of centration errors of optical components and systems. The Self-Centering Rotary Holders incorporates an indexing mechanism at 90 for centration measurement with Trioptics automatic optical stations OPTOMATIC and OptiAngle. This indexing mechanism can be simply switched off when used in other applications.

TYPE CODE Dia. range
Total error (centration+rotation)
PRH 01 2-100-021 0.5-13 1-3
PRH 02 2-100-023 13-34
PRH 03 2-100-025 34-54 2-4
PRH 04 2-100-027 54-75

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