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Components and Accessories

Tube mounted objective lenses

The tube mounted objective lenses represent one of the main components of OPTITEST Auto-collimators, Collimators and Telescopes. Typical features of these basic elements are:

  • barrel made of hardened steel with hard chrome surface
  • front end surface accurately square to optical axis
  • front end surface with female thread M35x0.75 mm (for barrels D 38 mm) and M53x0.75 (for barrels D 57 mm) to allow addition of accessories (achromats in mount, beam deflecting mirrors atc.).

Similarly with the instruments described before, the tube mounted objective lenses are available in two different types:

  • Tube Mounted Objective Lenses (Infinity Setting)
  • Tube Mounted Objective Lenses with Focusing Device (Finite Distance Setting)

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Objective tube accessories


  1. Tube mounted objective lens D38mm
  2. Front cover ring
  3. Achromat in mount
  4. Adapter for micro-objectives
  5. Micro-objective
  6. Dual Adapter
  7. Mounted deflecting mirror
  8. Iris diaphragm in mount
  9. Laser Alignment Attachment

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Reticle adapters and autocollimation heads

A Reticle Adapter is basically an assembly containing:

  • one reticle in mount when designated for collimators and telescopes
  • a beamsplitter and two reticles in mount for use in auto-collimators
  • mechanical interface for connection to tube mounted objective lenses (M35x0.75mm)
  • mechanical interface for connection with eyepieces and illumination devices (M27x0.5mm)

Reticle Adapter for Collimators and Telescopes

[ Diagram ]

Reticle Adapter for Auto-collimator Beamsplitter Mounts

[ Auto-collimation Heads ]

The Beamsplitter Mount (BSP) contains a beamsplitter and two reticles in mount for use in auto-collimators. The Beamsplitter Mounts with the eyepiece and illumination forms an assembly known as Auto-collimation Head.

[ Diagram ]

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Eyepieces and illuminations


The range of eyepieces included in the OPTITEST line provides capabilities for many applications requiring different parameters as :

  • large field of view
  • large magnification
  • facilities for attaching CCD-cameras, etc.

All the eyepiece are focusable and have a long eyepoint which is convenient for spectacle lens wearers. A diopter scale can be used for various measurements like astigmatismus, flatness errors etc.

TYPE CODE Focal length
Magnification Linear Field
Connection Thread
EPC 00-10 2-200-050 10.3 23x 10 5 dpt M27x0.5
EPC 00-15 2-200-052 15.8 16x 10 5 dpt
EPC 00-20 2-200-054 20.7 12x 15 5 dpt
EPC 00-25 2-200-056 25.0 10x 17 5 dpt M41x0.75

CCD-Camera Adapter

This device includes highly corrected imaging optics which transfer the reticle image from the eyepiece on CCD-array. The Camera Adapter has a mechanical interface to CCD-Camera (C-mount) and a threaded mount (M28x0.75) to eyepiece. The imaging optics are interchangeable (factory assembly). A complete Video Attachment includes:

  • CCD-Camera-Adapter
  • CCD-Camera (standardly 2/3"monochrome. On request other types)
  • TV-Monitor, monochrome, CCIR
  • BNC-Cable to connect camera and monitor
  • Power supply for camera
Video Attachment complete 3-300-060
CCD Camera adapter with imaging optics 3-300-061

Illumination Devices

The standard illumination device of OPTITEST normally includes:

  • condenser optics
  • a green filter with a ground side working as difusser
  • illuminating lamp in socket
  • connection cable to power supply. Length 1m.

The tube containing the filter is directly screwed on the illumination housing. The standard green filter can be easily exchanged if necessary.

TYPE CODE Filter Diameter
Connection thread To be used with
ILL 5W-6V 3-200-150 20 M27x0.5 Standard Instruments
LF-ILL 5W-6V 3-200-151 M41x0.75 Large Field Instruments

The Power Supply for standard illumination is an adjustable transformer which allow for adapting the light intensity to the specific application. The transformers include the power cable.

TYPE CODE Adjustment range Power Voltage
TRAFO 220 3-200-153 2-6V 220V/50Hz
TRAFO 110 3-200-154 110V/50/60Hz

Further illuminations

In some applications the light intensity of the standard illumination might not be sufficient. This is the case in procedures requiring auto-collimation with a small (uncoated) reflector or long distances between reflector and auto-collimator. A need for more light is also related to collimators with very long focal length or alignment of complex optical systems. For these or similar applications following illumination devices with halogene lamps are recommended.

TYPE CODE Adjustment
Features Power Voltage
CLS 150W/220V 3-200-158 continuous range, graduated in 50 divisions Cold Light Source, complete incl. power supply, halogen lamp 150W, reflector optimised for range approx. 400-800nm, flexible fiber optic guide 1m length, adapter fitting into the housing of standard illumination 220V/50Hz
CLS 150W/110V 3-200-159 110V/50/60Hz
HAL 20W 3-200-160 continuous, 10 steps Halogene lamp 20W in housing, filter tube with green filter fitting on the housing of standard illumination 220V/110V/50/60Hz

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