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Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder,
Sliding Table Type
24 Inch Capacity

[ Product Picture: YGS-20 ] The grind wheel Spindle uses super quality pre-loaded bearings which automatically adjust for thermal conditions. This arrangement insures stable working efficiency for fine or heavy duty grinding.


  1. 24" Electro-Magnetic Chuck, standard
  2. Rapid up/down feed
  3. Coolant Tank and Pump
  4. The grinding wheel shaft is integral to the rotary shaft of the motor, and uses special steel strictly selected, to provide satisfactory rigidity, even for large diameter
  5. The chuck slide bed ways are immersed in a lubricating oil bath, thus assuring accurate and wear free slide surfaces through years of service.
  6. The operation panel is conveniently located near the main handle unit, significantly enhancing working efficiency. Pushbutton operation allows safe and convenient control of all machine functions.

Special Accessories:

  • Digital Readout of down feed
  • Auto retract of Grinding Head after sparkout
  • Automatic Magnetic Neutralizer
  • Dynamic Spindle Brake
  • Power table traverse
  • Complete Waterproof Cover
  • Magnetic Coolant Separator, 40L/min
  • Abrasive Wheel Dresser Unit

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