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Surface Grinding -- Vertical Rotary Surface Grinders

See why over 2000 users worldwide have chosen YOSHIKAWA Vertical Rotary Surface Grinders for fast, accurate and repeatable stock removal tasks. We offer a complete line of Vertical Rotary Surface Grinders designed to flat grind a wide variety of optical and crystalline materials to tool room accuracy and surface finish. All bearings and critical components are shielded from abrasive and liquid contaminates. Infinitely variable stepless infeeds eliminates chipping and sub-surface fracturing. These machines are available with work table sizes ranging from 10" up to 48" diameter, and can be equipped with a large selection of accessories.

Lens Centering/Beveling -- Bell Clamp Lens Centering Machine MODEL CM 2.0

3-90 mm diameter work capacity. Larger machine capacities available on request.

Grinding And Polishing Machines

We are pleased to offer the conventional grinding & polishing machines of SIDAI PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO. The machines are build in varying sizes and work capacities offering efficient and economical polishing of all optical glasses.

Lens Curve Generation -- MODEL CG 2.0

This lens curve generator is designed and manufactured to generate high precision spherical curves on all lenses up to 120 mm diameter. Lens chuck seats are cut on the spindles, increasing overall accuracy. Manual or semi-automatic versions are available.

Lens Cementing -- MODEL CEM-150TV

This self-contained workstation is equipped to handle a variety of lens cementing and inspection or cleaning applications.

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